4 districts in Singapore!

4 districts in Singapore!

I love to get introduced to a country in a convertible! Driving around town with your sunglasses on and the wind in your hair. Luckily for me that’s how my friend Alice introduced me to Singapore! She was living with a host family there, doing research for her studies. Her hosting family had a meeting at the Marina Bay Sands and they were able to drop us off there. It was a beautiful trip seeing all the skyscrapers! Marina Bay Sands is a high-end hotel with a great view and with the best infinity pool ever! It’s on the 55th floor! You can pay 20dollars to go up, but you can also say you’d like to visit the sky bar and go up for free! ;) So you can spend that 20dollars on one beer in the sky bar. Worth it though!

Marina Bay Sands

5 tips!
1. Visit the SAM, Singapore Art Museum. A must if you like modern art.
2. Walk through the futuristic Botanic Garden of the city, you haven’t seen anything like that.
3. Drink at least on drink in the rooftop club One-Altitude. It’s on the 68 floor.
4. If you want to do a boat tour, do it at night. The view is so beautiful and the temperature is much nicer.
5. Buy some food at a sushi take out, or anything you like, and have a diner like the locals on one of the many bridges.

I don’t think Singapore is familiar with the word ‘financial crisis’. Literally every MRT station is a shopping mall. Not to mention Orchard Road, where you’ll find one big street full of the largest shopping malls. But, Singapore has a lot more on offer than to just shop!

In 1965 the country declared its independence from Malaysia. On that day all people that where in Singapore, weather living there or not, got a permit. Singapore is the cleanest city on earth and likes to keep it that way. There is no chewing gum for sale, only mints, and you can get ridiculously high fines for throwing waste on the street or even drinking in the metro. What I noticed was the cultural diversity in the country. Singapore has 4 official languages: English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. But the diversity was also visible in the different areas of the city. One time you find yourself in downtown Singapore, few moments later you are in China Town, Arab street or Little India.

China Town
Ok yes, every major city has it’s own China Town, but I think the one in Singapore is the best I have ever been to. You will find a lot bars en terraces where you can rest after shopping for Chinese merchandise and fabrics. Also walk into one of the temples. When I was there, I saw a large group of Chinese travellers blessing their trip to Singapore.

Little India
My advice: stroll down these streets and be surprised of all the shops with beautiful traditional clothing, Indian herbs and delicious Indian restaurants.

Arab Street
Here you’ll find more boutiques with clothing and herbs, but also beautiful houses in the brightest colors. If you are looking for a tailor made suit this is the place to go!

Holland Village
Yeah I’m Dutch. So I expected to find a lot of Dutch houses and at least one windmill. But this part of Singapore is called Holland Village because of the architect Hugh Holland who lived in Singapore around 1900. Thus no windmill, but here you’ll find great bars and restaurants. It’s a place where a lot of expads and locals are having diner and drinks.

One Altitude

Business District

Botanic Garden