Oktoberfest, Munich

Oktoberfest, Munich

It has been a long time dream for me to visit the Oktoberfest! In 2013 it was finally happening when I went to Munich to see my friend Lisa I met in Taiwan. Thanks to her, this party was a lot cheaper because Oktoberfest is expensive! Hotel prices go sky-high during this festival so booking in advance is a must! Oktoberfest is located at the Theresienwiese so pay attention to this when you book your hotel. My friend Lisa lived right around the corner of the Wiese so I was off to a perfect weekend: great friends, free stay and OKTOBERFEST!!!Oktoberfest, München, Munich, bierfest,

Lisa was our personal guide for the weekend! She introduced us to her friends and showed us the real Oktoberfest! Oktoberfest starts early, especially when you don’t have a reservation. No reservations means that you have to get in line at about 06.00 in the morning if you want to get in. If you fail, you can always drink beers outside and try again at 17.00 oc when the second shift starts.

Luckily for me Christina, whom I met when studying in Utrecht, was working at the BrauröslZelt. She arranged a free pass for us and we could just enter without waiting in line. If you don’t have friends working in one of the tents you can always try and bribe a waiter, but officially they are not allowed to accept your money. If you want to avoid the crowds, for as much possible, you can visit Oktoberfest during the week.

Photos - 2498Photos - 3351Everyone wears traditional clothing, Lederhosn for men, Dirndl for women. It is not mandatory but you’ll stand out if you’re not wearing any. For guys: wearing a ‘Lederhosen’ made from cotton is NOT-DONE! If you do not have one it might be even better to just wear jeans. You can also buy one during the festival, prices vary from €80,- to €300,- a pair. Prices for traditional Bayern Dirndl can go up to €400,-.

It goes without saying that during Oktoberfest you’ll drink beer. 1 Maß (1liter) is about €10,- euro’s. The more tip you give, the better service you’ll receive! On average people drink about 3 to 8 Maß a day. Eating is therefore very important! Almost all the Zelts serve food. Traditional dishes during Oktoberfest are Schweinebraten and halve roosters.

Inside the tents they play live schlager. If you’ve ever celebrated carnaval in the Netherlands you’ll know many songs! But you wont mind the music after 2-3 Maß!

Oktoberfest 2013 was from Saturday 21 September until Saturday 5 October. Tents close around 23.00hrs, but if you’re not drunk enough you can always go to the Aftern-Wiesn-Party downtown!

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There is also a more old fashioned Oktoberfest on the site. You can pay an entrance fee of 5 euro’s and see how Oktoberfest was originally celebrated.

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