First time New York

First time New York

So, there I was on the airport of Las Vegas, waiting for the red eye to take me to my favourite city that I’d never even been to; New freaking York. I was super excited and somewhat reserved at the same time. I had been dreaming about this moment for so long and now it was finally happening!!! But what if I wouldn’t like it?

I cannot advise you to take a red eye because by the time I finally arrived at JFK I was tired and irritable, but… I was in NYC!! We decided to take the subway to our AirBnb apartment in the Upper East Side (Sounds extremely fancy but it was just a small studio). Never thought about the fact that it was Rush Hour. First thing I learned, rush hour and suitcases are not a great fit. We finally arrived at our apartment and the first thing we did: take a power nap.

Ok, my first few hours in NYC weren’t so great, but after that New York never disappointed me again. I had a great 5 days. Acting like a New Yorker, living in a small studio apartment, eating breakfast while on the road, drinking IPA at a bar in 2nd Avenue, clubbing till dawn, receive an unwanted and therefore uncomfortable hug from a woman that looked like she just exit the movie set of pirates of the caribbean, walk through central park with a to go coffee in my hand, and see all the mainstream activities.

Assuming it will be your first time in New York too, check out my must visits.

1. Top of the Rock
Start your New York Citytrip on top of the rock. Personally I think this is much nicer than the Empire State Building, because when your on top of the rock you can see: the Empire State Building.

Top of the Rock Top of the Rock, New York.

2. Ground Zero / One Tower
I was in NYC in 2013, so the One Tower was not completed yet, however I believe you can visit the One Tower now. Ground zero is very impressing.

The One World Trade Centre. Ground Zero Monument

3. Brooklyn Bridge
Some people like to take the subway to Brooklyn and then walk towards Manhattan, I decided to walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn and visit the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn BridgeManhattan

4. Highline Elevated Park
This used to be a highlane that supplied the meatpacking district nowadays it is a beautiful park.

Highline Elivated Park, Manhattan, New York.

5. Staten Island Ferry
When your traveling on a budget but still want to see the Statue of Liberty and the incredible skyline of New York, take the free ferry to Staten Island!

Manhattan, New York. Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, New York

6. Meatpacking District
Stroll down the (quiet!) streets of the Meatpacking District. If I’d were to live in NYC it needs to be here!

Meatpacking District One Towe, Manhattan, New York. Sunset, Manhattan, New York.

Ofcourse there is a lot more to do and see in NYC!! But these are the must visits in my opinion. What will you include on your first trip to New York?