In and around Las Vegas!

In and around Las Vegas!

Vegas, the city where everything is possible! There is this big hype around the city, but I’m not sure if I am a big fan. I have watched the tv show ‘Las Vegas’ when I was a teenager and expected an extreme heat year round and beautiful people everywhere! I was rather disappointed on both ends. I do agree that it is a must visit when road tripping the West Coast of the USA, if only to see it with your own eyes.

Freemont street. 
Downtown Las Vegas you’ll find the infamous Freemont street. It used to be the most popular street before the strip was developed, but nowadays it houses many drunk americans in their 30/40’s singing and weltering around the Street. It’s hilarious, but not the glamour I expected. In 1994 the city build the Freemont Street Experience in order to attract visitors.

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The strip
There I was, driving around the strip in our convertible! It was a great feeling seeing al these hotels! I would advise you to drive down the strip both during the day and at night!

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Room rates in Las Vegas are very low. Makes sense, because there are over 125.000 hotel rooms and the less you spend on your overnight stay, the more you’ll spend in the casino! If you want an upgrade, someone told me it is possible to just slip a 20dollar bill in your passport when checking in and the clerk will just give you an upgrade. Not sure if it actually works though, since I heard about that trick when I was already back home. I did sleep for just 20 dollars per person in the Luxor. Just drive to the nearest McDonalds, use their WiFi and search for hotels nearby. If you do it around 4-5 o’clock the hotels will have even cheaper room rates.

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Death Valley
On our trip to Sequoia National Park we crossed Death Valley. This park has beautiful viewing points and salt fields. I would include it in your trip if you have the time!!

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Grand Canyon
You can take a helicopter flight from Las Vegas over the Grand Canyon, but I also wanted to hike though the park here. So we decided to drive to the Grand Canyon and have an overnight stay in one of the lodges so we could see the sunrise! We slept in the Red Feather Inn, cheapest one there for 50 dollars a night. Room rates are more expensive here then in Las Vegas.

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Hoover Dam 
A must when in Las Vegas is a visit to the Hoover Dam. You can include it in a trip to the Grand Canyon if you like, because you will not spend much then an hour here. Especially in summer when temperatures can rise to over 40 degrees.

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