Dutch heritage in Jakarta!

Dutch heritage in Jakarta!

Thanks to the 95th birthday of KLM in 2014, I was able to book a relatively cheap flight from Amsterdam to Jakarta. Since I hadn’t been there before I decided to just go with it and book it right away. First I flew to Kuala Lumpur, and after a quick stop we continued our journey to Jakarta.

As a Dutchie there is plenty of cultural heritage to see in Indonesia due to the history we’ve had with Indonesia. Therefore I really wanted to visit the north of Jakarta which used to be Batavia, the capital of the Dutch East India Company(VOC). During the prime time of the VOC they build many impressive buildings. Unfortunately not much is left of these buildings. They are neglected and decayed, but have so much potential! In my opinion if the Indonesian government should invest in the remodelling of these buildings and turn it into the touristic heart of Jakarta. If you want to see how that could be like have lunch or dinner in cafe Batavia, but expect European prices.

The light house in Jakarta, Indonesia.

in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Old Dutch buildings from the VOC

Bart along the river in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dutch building from the VOC in Jakarta, Indonesia.

in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Shopping on the streets

In my opinion there are three ways to shop in Jakarta. You can either shop on the streets where you can buy cheap clothing, cheap food and cheap handcrafts while coming close to the local community. There are also plenty of shopping malls for middle class, where you can wonder around in the well known shop-in-shop style. And then there is the high class shopping experience in for example Central Park. Here you’ll find all European brands for extremely high prices.

in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Middle class mall

With Nino, my Indonesian friend whom I met in Taiwan at our reunion in Central Park, Jakarta, Indonesia.

I was traveling through Indonesia with Bart, and it was his birthday when we were in Jakarta. We went out for dinner with our Dutch friends at the Skyebar. We first had a drink on the rooftop terrace with an amazing view over Jakarta, even though the view is often limited due to smog, and then went out for dinner in the restaurant inside. The diner was excellent and the view inside was spectacular.

View from the skyebar in Jakarta, Indonesia. View by night at the skyebar in Jakarta, Indonesia. Skyebar in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Train ride Yogyakarta – Jakarta
Instead of flying to another city you can also opt for a train ride. You can see a lot by just looking outside the window. At the end of my trip through Indonesia, I was in Yogjakarta but I needed to go back to Jakarta. I decided to take the train which would take me 8 hours. You can travel economy, business or executive. My first intention was to travel executive, since the prices are not that high. Unfortunately the day before I wanted to leave I went to the travel agency and I was told all the trains to Jakarta were fully booked since it was the end of a holiday! Luckily for me they added another carriage in economy class and I was still able to arrive in Jakarta the next day. So a personal tip from me: if you want to take the train book a few days in advance, even though it takes you a little longer it is worth the ride!

Train ride from Jogjakarta to Jakarta, Indonesia. View from the train to Jakarta, Indonesia. View from the train to Jakarta, Indonesia. View from the train to  Jakarta, Indonesia.