About me

My name is Niels (1990) and I like to write about my travel experiences. I love city tripping, I grew up in a rural area and the older I got the more I longed for the life in a vibrant city. I have lived in Antwerp, Mexico, Berlin, Taiwan and on Aruba. Wherever I lived I tried to learn the local cultures and their language. My favorite cities are Berlin and New York. I fell in love with the Heart of Asia: Taiwan, mainly for her culture and her lovely citizens. I love music and my Spotify playlists have the influences of dance, pop and techno.

I started writing down my travel experiences on my first intercontinental experience in Costa Rica. Since then I tend to keep track of all the places I visited for my personal record. After sharing my experiences with friends and family I decided to share them online in a personal blog. This website contains the things I discovered while living, working, studying and traveling abroad.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carrol

The places I have been to:
Aruba – Austria – Belgium – Costa Rica – Croatia – Czech Republic – FranceGermany – Greece – Indonesia – Italy – Luxemburg – MalaysiaMexico – Netherlands – PhilippinesPortugalSingaporeSpain – Switzerland – Taiwan – Turkey – UK – USA