The 5 | Greatest animal experiences so far.

The 5 | Greatest animal experiences so far.

I am blessed to have seen so many animals around the world. Although it is hard to select the greatest moments, I have tried to do it anyways. Here are my best animal experiences so far. *No animals where harmed in the making of this blogpost ;)

1. Swim with the whale shark in Mexico
When I was on Isla Mujeres, Yucatan, Mexico I had the opportunity to swim with the whale shark! Never was I so nervous and excited! The whale shark is the largest fish in the sea and by the time I had to jump in the water there was no land to be seen. I jumped in, saw nothing but bleu and then there it was: the whale shark…

Whale shark disappearing in the deep bleu sea, Yucatan, Mexico.

2. See a wild Orangutan in Borneo
When I was in Borneo we went up the Kinabatangan River to see some wild life. We were on the boat for over an hour when the guide pointed to the trees: ‘I think there is an Orangutan coming.’ He stopped the boat and a few moments later we saw her… an Orangutan. But she was not alone. She was carrying her baby. We saw some Orangutans before, but they where not really wild animals anymore. This was the real endangered animal living free in the rainforest. Beautiful…

sel ma1 (467)

Unfortunatley I only had a digital camera with me. This is the only memory of the Orangutan and her baby.

3. Hold a spider monkey in Costa Rica
In Costa Rica I stayed in a home stay where the owner wanted to take us out on his boat. We went to a friend of him who was living on a peninsula only reachable by boat. It was a wildlife rescue centre and he took care of wounded and endangered animals. We excited the boat and immediately there where two monkeys running towards us with their arms stretched out. My brother though he wanted to shake his hand but instead he climbed up his neck. The entire tour we were holding the monkeys. What a unique experience.

Me at 14 holding a spider monkey in Costa Rica.


My brother being held by a spider monkey ;)

4. See the proboscis monkey in Borneo
If you are ever in Malaysia or Indonesia you might find that people call Dutch people Orang Belanda. Someone said to me that is because most Dutchies have a big nose, (Sure counts for me though!) just like the proboscis monkey. We went to Bako National Park, just outside Kuching, and stood face to face with this large animal.

A group of proboscis monkeys in Borneo, Malyasia.

5.See a tree frog in Costa Rica.
When I was little I was fascinated by creatures living in the rainforest. Mostly tropical fish, but also frogs. My dad once showed me a photo of a tree frog, and I just could not believe an animal could be so colourful. Until 2005, when I was in Costa Rica and saw a tree frog myself. It was fascinating!

Tree frog in Costa Rica.


What are your best animal experiences? Share it in a reply below!